Feliz Navidad, Felices Fiestas y un increíble 2015 a ustedes

Over Christmas break my family and I went to Spain. To get there we first took a train to Barcelona (or as the Spanish call it: Barthalona). There we stayed in a nice apartment only a few blocks away from the Sagrada Familia. IMG_5028

It’s a big building designed by Antoni Gaudi. FUN FACT: Gaudi died in 1926, before the building was finished. And it will still be another 50 years before the building is actually finished!!

Gaudi is a well-known architect in Barcelona. There are many of his buildings scattered around the town. His works are interesting because of their unique forms. They’re kind of wavy and drunk-looking. They look like he took half of a building from medieval times and a quarter of a building from the Roman empire and another quarter from modern day architecture. The combination doesn’t look like it fits together, but it kind of does. The buildings are weird but the weirdness mixes in a good way.


Gaudi used a lot of mosaics in his works. The mosaics were everywhere, including Park Guell, which was an entire park with different places to hang out. There was one part that made of stone but looked like a wave.


Another part was a plaza that was supposed to have been a market place that was called 100 columns. There were mosaics on the columns and the ceiling. There was also an open area with benches that were made of mosaic. We also saw the famous mosaic lizard.

In Barcelona, my brothers and I took two classes. One was pottery, and we learned how to use the wheel. Here are two of my first bowls on the wheel. I put them together to make a chip-n-dip platter.


Then we took a mosaic class. We got to break our own glass with a glass breaking tool. Then we glued the glass pieces onto a cardboard base. I chose the shape of a dolphin. I learned that mosaic is a lot harder than it seems. It was like doing a puzzle, and you had to find the right sized piece to fit in each space and the right angles to stick in the form. The part that was different from doing a puzzle was that you didn’t know if you were actually going to find a piece that fit!! IMG_5231


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