Chocolate, Wine, Cheese and More Chocolate!!


Cookies! (Well really they’re macarons)

Don’t be mistaken by their skinny figures. The French love food. We went to a French cultural festival at the convention center in Marseille, called Parc Chanot. Wine, cheese and chocolate makers from all over France came to introduce their products to the people of Marseille. It was indoors and when you walked inside there were rows and rows and rows of stands. It was very crowded with people and it was hard to get from one stand to the next. At first all I saw were cheese and wine stands. Being an 11 year old American who hasn’t really been introduced to cheese, I was very bored at first. Then I found my way to the chocolate stands, and that’s when it got interesting…



The stands for chocolate and cookies were MAGNIFICENT. They usually all had samples, so even though we didn’t buy very much, I think I ate an entire box worth just sampling the chocolate. I tasted caramel cookies, macarons (a cookie that looks like a hamburger with a frosting or jelly in the middle), chocolates in the shape of shoes, chocolates truffles, chocolate caramel fudge, chocolate nut fudge, 100 percent dark chocolate (THAT WAS DISGUSTING!!), milk chocolates. Jonah bought a chocolate lollipop that I tried. It was okay. This here is nineteen thousand five hundred Euros worth of truffle mushrooms (that’s $24,310.365 USD).

WOW!!! That's a lot  of money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WOW!!! That’s a lot of money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


4 thoughts on “Chocolate, Wine, Cheese and More Chocolate!!

  1. Martha Ledger says:

    I’m a real lover of dark chocolate, but 100% dark would be disgusting to me, too. 75% is my max. 70% is my real comfort level. Does anyone eat chocolate at 100% dark, or is it just used for baking?
    Ammy Philly


  2. Barbara Kligerman says:

    Hi, I usually don’t respond to blogs, but yours really deserve a comment or two. They are super! You take me back to our year in Paris and although I was not a 6th graded I remember many of the same experiences and my delights. Yes, 100% chocolate is ugh. But I could live on the rest.
    Experience on and enjoy, Barbara


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