Italy Wrap-Up!!

This blog is a special edition, brought to you with my younger brothers who are twins. A few words about Tuscany: Tuscany is scary, Jonah says, because of the scorpions. Zander and I both agree. On our first night, we found a scorpion on the wall over the bed that I was supposed to sleep on. It was great that my dad found it, and not me, because I would have freaked out. Scorpions are common here, and they sting but they don’t kill you. People say a scorpion sting is like a bee sting. Jonah says to write that it’s harmless.

In Tuscany, we did an art class. IMG_4499Zander expected to do some techniques on drawing and sketching, and Jonah and I expected to draw people. It turned out the artist that was teaching the class is an abstract artist, and he taught us to do abstract art, which I thought was really cool. He showed us pictures from a book, and then told us one of the best techniques of abstract art is to be free and not to stress about perfection. Even one line can be a work of art.

The next day after the art class, my brothers and I took a class riding horses. It was fun because we had to ride our horses through obstacles. One of the challenges was to ride in a zig-zag formation around poles. Another was to pick up a stick out of a cone and move it to another cone. The object was to lean to one on your horse while steering with the other hand. I liked the class, but I didn’t like my horse that much because he was hard to control.

On the last day, my family went to visit a very old castle that was up on a hill. It looked over all of Tuscany and was used as a fortress in the past. It was really cool. My brothers and I decided to look around the castle for archeological findings. Jonah started digging big holes, which got kind of annoying, but he found nothing. I on the other hand was just looking through the grass and found a rusty old nail, that looked a lot older than today’s nails. I kept the nail as archeological artifact from that castle and a memento of that journey to a land far far away.IMG_4629     IMG_4627


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