Pizza e più (Pizza and more)

After a day in Venice, we took a train to Florence. We had plans to meet up with a friend of mine from preschool. His name is Zack, and I hadn’t seen him since I was three (almost nine years!). His family is doing a sabbatical in Germany for half a year. It was pretty cool that we ended up seeing his family in Italy for vacation. He has a new little sister that I hung out with. She’s really adorable.


One day we climbed the Duomo, a big church that has 400-something steps. The steps were almost straight up with no flat areas.IMG_4343 It wasn’t hard, but afterwards, my legs were shaking. The view from the top was pretty incredible. We went to the da Vinci museum that had models of his inventions. You could touch some of the replicas and make things move. One thing I found cool was a room of mirrors where you could see yourself 360 degrees around without moving your head. IMG_4391 Me and Cassie in the room of mirrors.

That night my two brothers, Zack, and I took a cooking class and made pizza and watched a demonstration of how to make homemade gelato. We learned that if you go to a gelato shop, your “pistacchio” flavor should be tan in color and not green. A green color means it’s dyed. Banana gelato should be white and not yellow. When you see the gelato in the display case, it should be flat and not look like a huge tower of gelato, even though most of the gelato stores have their flavors presented like that. A mountain of gelato means it’s old and has been re-pasturized. My favorite flavor I tasted in Florence is stracciatella, which is kind of like vanilla with chocolate chips. From my “extensive” research and taste tests, the best gelato in the U.S. is the worst gelato here.


One thought on “Pizza e più (Pizza and more)

  1. Ruth Herr says:

    Have enjoyed reading your blog, Talia! You are quite a great writer. Looks like you and your family are having a wonderful time. Looking forward to future entries!
    Cousin Ruth ( from NJ)


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