The Calanques

Last weekend we went to one of the many Calanques on the coast. They are small inlets surrounded by large rocks and cliffs. To get there, we took a bus and got off in Luminy, which was the end of the line. We got off the bus and hiked for about 45 minutes.IMG_3502 It was really hot, and first we walked through trees, and then we walked on a fire road. Then we hiked down small, rocky paths to the water. When we got there, it was almost like a painting or like scenery you see in movies. The water was this magical blue, not murky or polluted, and sparkling in the sun. If you looked at the scene from a distance, you couldn’t tell the difference between the water and the sky. IMG_3535Then we sat and had a picnic, and my brothers and I changed into our swimsuits (which were under our clothes) and waded in the water. IMG_3549The water was pretty cold, but there were a lot of people who had come to swim and jump off the cliffs. It got pretty crowded at the water and on all the rocks.IMG_3607 There were lots of families and young people. There were teenagers with their boyfriends. There were a lot of people in bikinis, which was kind of surprising for how cold the water was. Something else that kind of surprised me was how many older people, like in their 80s, were out swimming in the water, even far out in the deepish water. IMG_3602


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